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Creativity. Passion. Rhythm.

Theronious Chunk Picture

Theronious Chunk

Theronious' collection of amazing vinyl and sound is unmatched! You will be dancing your arse off to tracks that have you wondering "WHERE has this song been all my life?". Catch him at our next show. He also plays regularly at Scotch & Soda and makes it VIBEY in there.

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DJ Sh33P picture


SH33P is a masterful mixer and brings the ENERGY to the dance floor. His ability to play a wide range of electronic music genres make his sets always a crowd pleaser.

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DJ Girlfriend Picture


We were honored to have DJ Girlfriend play our very first Backroom show, and her mixing got EVERYONE on the dance floor. She won 2022 Black Apple Award Winner for “Favorite DJ”. She's one of Backroom's favorite DJ's, and is also part of the epic trio, Haus of Untz. 

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This duo from Eureka Springs brings some of the best mixes and mashups you've ever heard. They were smashing at the Y2K show and the FORMAFTERS!

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Serrano-Torres Picture


You've seen him at FORMAT, you saw him at our FORMAFTERS, you've heard him in film across the globe. Serrano-Torres transcends musical boundaries with his captivating cello performance. Dive into his electrifying fusion of world music, electronica, and traditional instruments, and prepare to be entranced by an immersive journey that will leave you awestruck!

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Ben Edwards Picture


Creator and artist of many formats, as well as reining the title of Arkansas' oldest long-durational performance artwork. Ben Edwards is also super involved in the community. He did FIVE performance art pieces at our FORMAFTERS, and hosted a Buy or Burn Charity Art Auction with us where any lots unsold were incinerated on site as a metaphor for re-birth. Ben uses the ashes of his burned art to create new art pieces.

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